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For quite a longer time we have been considering to undertake such initiatives as may be deemed necessary to the uplift of the poorer class of the society through education and other welfare activities. But it was very difficult to conclude which malady affects the poorer class most in our society. After prolonged consultations with my respectable friends and intellectuals, my search for beginning came to an end; and we decided to undertake such activities to provide medical facilities, hospitalization and other para-medical facilities to provide relief to the poorer segment of the society. ‘Health is wealth’ has been proven the most influential factor to the sustenance of humanity since the world came into existence.
It was really a herculean task for us to acquire proper land and make suitable arrangements for establishing a hospital to dispense health and life to the deserving people who can be benefited by our SOCH FOUNDATION without caring for their inability to pay hefty fees of modern private clinics.
We are happy and thankful to Allah and those of our sincere friends who encouraged and helped us take such a noble initiative to do something for our poorer brethren. The land of the hospital building has been successfully secured and the work for establishment is already in process. And we hope, we will continue in our extended mission with our team to expand our coverage of other aspects of poorer society through our various welfare activities.
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